Daybridge is a private high school that teaches an internationally recognised UK-based curriculum in a personalised environment :

    • Foundation (Grade 8-9)
    • IG and AS levels (Grade 10- 12)


Daybridge was born in 2008
Children need to work within a structured, disciplined environment that is also positive, warm and friendly. We foster self-confidence, a sense of responsibility and a need to work as a team with parents and teachers.
The UK-based syllabus is an internationally recognised, skills-based system that prepares children for future education; far better than our current CAPS or even the IEB system. If you are looking for small classes, a better standard of education and a school where your child can grow as an individual, free from prejudice, bullying and violence, come and visit us.


Exam Timetables – 2020

Click here to view or download the external exam timetable Click here to view or download the internal exam timetable You are most welcome to contact us on 011 672 1036 or 083 947 7581 at any time should have any queries on these timetables.

Meet The Team


Sue Parry
English: IG, AS
Mary-Anne Heger
English: Foundation
Travel &Tourism: IG
Psychology: AS
Roné Visser
Afrikaans: Foundation, IG, AS
Delia Hamlett
Physics: Foundation
Mathematics: Foundation, IG, AS
Tamara King
Biology: Foundation
Chemistry: Foundation
Zanthé Bruce
Biology: IG, AS
Chemistry: IG, AS
Physics: IG, AS
Jean Hoffman
Computer Studies: Foundation
EMS: Foundation
Business: IG, AS
Economics: IG, AS
Mkhululi Dhlamini
Accounting: IG, AS
Computers: IG, AS
Ronel Gordon
Social Sciences: Foundation
Environmental Management: IG
Geography: AS
History: IG, AS
Mornay Caroto
Art: Foundation, IG, AS

Foreign Languages:

Nikole: German

Genevieve:  French



Judell Stainbank
Rhettford Heatlie
Assistant to principal
Head administrator
Sam Palmer
General Maintenance