Newsletter – September 2021


School holidays
School closes on Tuesday 21 September 2021 and commences on Thursday 30 September 2021. School will close at 12:00 on 21 September 2021.

Reports will be handed out on Tuesday 21 September 2021.

School calendar for October
·         Foundations and those not registered for externals will continue with the timetable as normal.
·         Those who are writing external exams are to book as many extra lessons as possible during this time.
·         Doing past papers and not handing them in for marking is a waste of time.
·         Those writing externals do not need permission for early leave.
·         We expect to see the children on days they are not writing.
·         There has been a direct correlation between those who reach potential because they handed in past papers and attended school during the exams, and those we don’t see after September and don’t fare as well.

External exams
The Art exam will be during the first week of October, all artwork must be submitted by 15th October for submission to Cambridge.

Science practicals, and foreign language speaking exams have not been scheduled as yet. We will inform you as soon as the dates are set.

Times for externals

Andrews Academy

AM 9:00 – 11:00
PM = 13:00 – 15:00

ENDING TIMES ARE STATIC (All exams END at 11:00 or 15:00)

Please note:
·         School uniform is compulsory
·         Ensure your child has all the required stationery
·         Your child must have their statement of entry and ID at every exam

Lifts to the venue
Please organise timeously! Let the office know if your child will need transport to the exam venues.

Details to follow.

Matric Farewell
The Matric Farewell will take place on 23 November 2021. The cost is R550.00 PER PERSON. Payment must be made before Thursday 30 September 2021.

Fun Day
We are not allowed to have our usual Fun Day due to Covid. However, we have decided to take the children on excursion to the Walter Sisulu botanical gardens.

Those who have their own transport, may use their cars. However, they may not transport other children who are not normally part of their lift scheme.

The office needs to be informed if the child won’t be attending OR if they are using their own vehicles.

Transport cost will be determined by numbers.

Date: Friday 10 September 2021
Entrance = R65.00 per person
Time: 9:00 – 13:15

The matrics will be selling goodies in the morning at school. Please support.

The tuckshop will be providing lunch, please order in advance. Options and cost will be forwarded to you with the indemnity form.


·         Children to wear casual, comfortable clothes and shoes
·         Sunblock and a hat
·         Bring bottled water

·         If you are enrolling a sibling for 2021, please send in an enrolment form.
·         If your child is leaving at the end of the year, a terms notice is required (NO NEED IF YOUR CHILD IS MATRICULATING).
·         Thank you to everyone who supported our Claw charity drive. Collections will be dropped off in the next two weeks.

Kind Regards
Sue Parry

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Newsletter – August 2021

Dear Parents

Welcome back to term 3.

Registrations for external exams

Registration for externals is closed. Should you still want to register your child, penalties will apply.

Statements of entry

Once registrations are finalised, the statements of entry will be available by mid-August at the latest. The following needs to be checked:

·         Full name, ID number and date of birth are correct.

·         Exams and levels are what was applied for.

We have two days to ensure that all details are correct from when we receive them.

May/June results

The results for the May/June exams should be released around 10 August 2021.

Cycle test programme Term 3

See attached.

(Click here to view)


The weather has improved – all children need to be wearing the jacket, at least, with layers underneath.

If the maximum temperature is 16 degrees or less, your child just needs to be warm and we’ll accept other warmer jackets.


The tuckshop is currently closed. In the meantime, a parent has stepped in and offered to make food.

The children need to order a day in advance. Cash on delivery.

Menu attached.

(Click here to view)

Career day

Marketers will drop off material for the children to look at. However, regardless of precautions, we did not want to have too many outsiders on school premises therefore there is no career day this year.

Kind Regards

Sue Parry

Newsletter – June 2021


School Calendar
School closes on Friday, 2 July 2021 and commences on Wednesday, 21 July.

Please take note of the following dates:

  • Monday, 14 June 2021 – Afrikaans oral exam
  • Wednesday, 16 June 2021 – Public holiday
  • Thursday, 17 June – Friday, 18 June 2021 – Study leave for prelims.

We have postponed the excursions until third term due to increase in Covid cases.

Term 2 reports will be handed out on Friday, 11 June 2021. These marks are made up of cycle tests, class tests, and assignments.

Prelim Exams


  • Learners need only come to school when writing an exam.
  • Candidates must be at school 30 minutes before the session starts and seated 15 minutes before the commencement time. PLEASE CHECK TIMES DAILY.
  • No school bags allowed in the venue.
  • Stationery to be in a clear plastic bag.
  • No borrowing of calculators or stationery.
  • No tippex allowed.
  • Learners must be in full school uniform.

Should your child have transport problems, school will be open during normal school hours. We will provide a venue for them to study if they are not writing an exam.

Registrations for external exams are based on marks achieved in the prelim exams. Reports for the prelim exams will be handed out on Friday, 23 July 2021.

Registrations need to be finalised no later than Monday, 2 August 2021 (IG and AS only). PENALTIES APPLY FOR LATE REGISTRATIONS.

Fees payable for external exams:

  • Registration fee = R650.00
  • IGCSE = R2450.00 per subject
  • AS = R2550.00 per subject
  • AS Physics = R3650.00
  • AS Chemistry = R3650.00
  • AS Biology = R3650.00
  • AS Art = R3650.00
  • IG Art = R3550.00
  • IG French = R3110.00
  • IG German = R3110.00

Charity – St. Lawrence’s Childrens’ Haven

The following items are desperately needed:

  • Milk (Long life, full cream)
  • Toilet paper
  • Cereal e.g. cornflakes, Weetbix, no fancy cereals please.

Your support is greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards
Sue Parry

Newsletter – May 2021


Reports were sent out on Wednesday, 21 April 2021. Please ensure that your received it.

Parents’ Day
Parents’ day is on Saturday, 1 May 2021. Time is 11:00-14:00.
The matrics will be selling homemade goodies to raise funds for the matric farewell. Please support us and remember to bring cash.
Ms King (Foundation: Biology and Chemistry) will only be available from 11:00-12:00.

Certificates for the Oct/Nov 2020 exam sitting, are available for collection. Please keep them safely with other important documents. They are difficult and costly to replace.

Photographs – Please see attached
School photos will be taken on Tuesday, 18 May 2021. Due to COVID, the register class photos will be a collage.

Prices in brief:
R60.00 – Class photo only
R120.00 – Individual photo only (various)
R180.00 – Individual plus class photo (various)
R110.00 – Printed mug
R90.00 – Printed mousepad

Please send cash with your child.

(Click here to view attachment)

Staff news
We bid Ms Visser a fond farewell. She will be embarking on a new journey. We wish her all the best. She will be available to help us.
We are still in the process of selecting a suitable replacement.

External exams (Oct/Nov) will need to be paid for by 2 August 2021.
If, for any reason, we can apply for extra time, we do so. The forms will need to be completed, by us, in July, with the specialists report.
Prelim exam timetable will be in the June newsletter.

Kind Regards
Sue Parry

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Newsletter – April 2021

Dear Parents


We hope  that you had a blessed Easter and a good rest. We wish all our Muslim families well for their fasting month.

School Calendar

School commences on Wednesday 14th April 2021, at 8:00am.


Reports for Term 1 will be handed out on Monday, 19 April 2021.

Marks have been made up of class tests, cycle tests and mini-exams.

Please note: Children will collect their exam papers on Wednesday, 14April 2021. You need to sign the exam scripts to acknowledge that you have seen them.

Cycle Test Programme – Term 2

  • 16 April – Economics
  • 23 April – Physics
  • 30 April – Maths
  • 7 May – Chemistry
  • 14 May – Computers
  • 21 May Biology
  • 28 May – Accounting/History
  • 4 June – Geography


We are still collecting goods for CLAW. Any old blankets, toys, food etc.

The winner of the competition for the most brought in by Thursday 18 March 2021, was Dale Julius. Thank you!


There will be a workshop for those writing the AS Computer Science May/June Cambridge examination on Saturday, 17 April 2021 from 10:00-12:30.

We will be having parents day on Saturday 1 May 2021 from 11:00-14:00.

School photos will be taken on Wednesday, 12 May 2021.

Kind Regards

Sue Parry


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Newsletter – March – 2021

Dear Parents

School Holidays

School will officially close on Friday, 26th March 2021 and commence on Wednesday 14 April 2021.

March Exams

Please see exam timetable attached.
(Click here to view)

Please note the following:

  • Learners need only attend the sessions they are writing
  • Learners must be at school 30 minutes prior to the start of the exam, i.e.: 8:30 and 11:30.
  • All learners must have the required stationery (including a calculator if required). All stationery must be in a clear plastic bag. No correction fluid / tippex is allowed. No borrowing of any stationery is allowed.
  • Appropriate school uniform is compulsory. We understand there is a delay in new uniform orders, however, the basic uniform as specified must be worn.

Uniform & Textbooks

We apologise that we are experiencing a lengthy delay in receiving the uniform and textbooks. We request your patience and understanding. If you have not paid for textbooks/uniform as yet, please do so.

In the meantime, we request all children adhere to our basic dress code. Bottoms need to be plain in either denim, navy, black, grey, or white. They may wear a plain white or navy T-shirt or golf shirt (no exceptions).

Please check what your child is wearing before sending them to school to avoid any unnecessary consequences. Caps and beanies of any sort may not be worn at school.


Reports will be handed out on Tuesday, 20 April 2021. The final Term 1 mark will include cycle tests, class tests and the exams. Please let us know if you would like us to forward a copy via email.

Extra Time

If your child is writing Cambridge International exams in the Oct/Nov sitting and they need extra time, we require a motivation from the relevant specialist. This avoids your child being disadvantaged  by the allocated time.

School Fees

We request that all parent details be regularly updated, with email addresses and contact details to ensure that you receive all correspondence. We will provide your child with a hard copy of all correspondence if preferred. Should school fees not be paid, your child may be suspended.

University Registration

Registrations for universities are open from April. Applications are completed online and need to be finalised by the end of April. Should your child be required to write the NBT’s (National Benchmark Tests) they need to book in advance. The NBT assistance website is

Should your child require preparation for the NBT’s please contact Ms. Hamlett. The cost for extra tuition is R300 per hour. The NBT maths is different and is taken from the CAPS, IEB and Cambridge syllabus.

Career Guidance

If your child has no specific career goals, it is a suggestion that they make an appointment with a career guidance specialist. A possible option is Prof Zak Nel: 082 680 9235 (Please SMS and he will return your call)


Claw is our charity this term. There will be a prize for the child who brings in the most donations given on Thursday, 18 March 2021.

Matric Fundraising

There will be a cake and candy sale on Thursday, 18 March 2021 to raise funds for the Matric Farewell.

Kind Regards
Sue Parry

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Newsletter – February 2021

Dear Parents


May/June Registrations
Registrations for May/June external exams are closed.
Those who have registered will receive a provisional timetable that will need to be checked: Full name, date of birth, subjects and level.

We have a new supplier for the uniform.

Cost:     Shirt = R370.00 incl.
                Jacket = R570.00 incl.

Ordered uniforms should be delivered by next week.
We have a uniform and it is compulsory to wear it. Should you need to order please do so as soon as possible.
If you are waiting for the uniform, please send your child to school in PLAIN denim, navy, white, black or grey.
No beanies/hats.

In order to register students for external exams, we need a copy of their ID, birth certificate with photo, or a passport.
If your child has not written external exams through the school, as yet, please email a copy to the school.

Early Leave/Late Arrival
Should you need to fetch your child early or if your child is going to be late, please inform me or the office.
Also, park inside.
No child is allowed to leave the school premises early without permission from you.

Pick up (Afternoons)
DO NOT double park on Bristow road. Cars need to be parked on the school’s side of the road ONLY.
DO NOT block driveways.

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Kind Regards
Sue Parry

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