Admission to Daybridge International High School  is given on the basis of an interview with the School Principal.  The child’s latest school report from his/her previous school together with other relevant documentation and a School Clearance Form is required.

Application Assessment and Availability

Each application for admission must first be assessed to determine if the student will benefit from the International UK-based curriculum.   Applicants are assessed according to the normal entry requirements and, if necessary, personal interviews are requested.

We pride ourselves on our structured, disciplined environment that is also positive, warm and friendly.  This necessitates keeping the classes small.  Successful enrolments are based on availability for the grade applied for.

  1. Contact us to book an interview.
  2. Download the below documents.
  3. Complete each document carefully.
  4. Prepare the additional documentation
  5. Submit ALL the documentation to us via email or drop them off with us at the school for provisional acceptance.

Additional Documentation

The following additional documentation is required to complete your child’s application:

  • Latest school report
  • Your child’s birth certificate
  • Copy of both parent’s/guardian’s ID documents
  • Copy of Medical Aid Card (Both Sides)
  • Copy of your child’s Permanent Residence letter if foreign/ Parent working visa

New Parent Letter

PDF Document:  –Welcome letter to the parents, from the school Principal.

School Fee Structure 2025

PDF Document:  – The 2025 fees payable per student. 

School Fee Structure 2024

PDF Document:  – The 2024 fees payable per student. 

Contract For Payment of School Fees

PDF Document:  – Payment commitment agreement from parents / guardians.

School Clearance Certificate

PDF Document:  – Previous school confirmation of good standing.

Enrolment Form

PDF Document:  – Standard application form to be completed, one per student. 

Subject Choice Forms: Foundation

PDF Document:  – Subject Choices for Foundation to be completed, one per student. 

Subject Choice Forms: IG and AS

PDF Document:  – Subject Choices for IG and AS to be completed, one per student. 

Foundation Textbooks

PDF Document:  –Textbook List for Foundation Students.

IG Textbooks

PDF Document:  –Textbook List for IGCSE Students.

AS Textbooks

PDF Document:  –Textbook List for AS Students.

School Uniform Order Form

PDF Document:  – Order Form for compulsory uniform to be completed.

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