Dear Parents,


We wish all our parents, staff and children a prosperous and healthy 2024.

School times
School will commence on Thursday, 18 January 2024 at 8:00am.

Results for external exams are available as follows:

  • AS results – Wednesday, 10 January 2024 at 12:00 (Open Day)
  • IG results – Thursday, 18 January 2024 at 12:00

Open day 
Please note that teachers and admin staff will be available on Wednesday, 10 January 2024. 8:00 to 14:00.

Should you need to order uniforms/textbooks or come and meet the teachers.

Registration for the May/June exam sitting
Registration for externals in May/June 2024, have to be finalised by Tuesday, 30 January 2024.

Forms and fee structure will be forwarded to you in due course.

I would like to caution against writing in May/June 2024 if your child receives an ungraded (below 40%) in the October/November 2023 sitting.

We have very little time to prepare the child. They would finish around mid-June when we have prelims, which are vital for the development of skills. There are only two months of school left after prelims in real terms.

We receive results in mid-August. That leaves even less time if the child needs to rewrite, and months of teaching time has been lost.

Please discuss a realistic way forward with me if your child did not fare well in the 2023 sitting.

If your child does not have a uniform when school starts, they need to wear a plain white T-shirt/shirt. Bottoms need to be plain denim, navy, black, grey or white.

Textbooks are vital for your child’s education. Please be reminded that it may take up to six weeks for delivery. Please order textbooks as soon as possible. NOTE: ORDERS WILL NOT BE PLACED FOR UNIFORMS OR TEXTBOOKS UNTIL PAYMENT HAS BEEN MADE.

Please ensure that we are notified of any change in address, email, phone numbers or medical aid details.

Also, we need a copy of your ID and proof of residence. This is a requirement of the GDE and is needed for our database.

Annual registration fee
Rather than having parents pay a huge initial registration/admin fee, we split it up over the five years. It means that if a child leaves, you do not lose that fee.
The registration fee is R1650.                                                                                                                                 
A reminder of the lab fee of R3000 p/a (AS only)

School fees
Please be reminded that school fees are payable by the 7th of every month, at the latest. Should payment be in arrears, interest of 7% will apply. Please note that school fees have not increased for 2024 and are payable over 12 months.

Lab coats and locker keys
Please ensure that borrowed lab coats are returned to the school. If your child is matriculating or leaving, please ensure that they return their locker key.

We do not limit subject combinations so there will be clashes on the timetable. These will be sorted before the end of January.

Kind Regards 

Sue Parry


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