Meet The Team


Sue Parry
English: IG, AS
Mary-Anne Heger
English: Foundation
Travel &Tourism: IG
Psychology: AS
Roné Visser
Afrikaans: Foundation, IG, AS
Delia Hamlett
Physics: Foundation
Mathematics: Foundation, IG, AS
Tamara King
Biology: Foundation
Chemistry: Foundation
Zanthé Bruce
Biology: IG, AS
Chemistry: IG, AS
Physics: IG, AS
Jean Hoffman
Computer Studies: Foundation
EMS: Foundation
Business: IG, AS
Economics: IG, AS
Mkhululi Dhlamini
Accounting: IG, AS
Computers: IG, AS
Ronel Gordon
Social Sciences: Foundation
Environmental Management: IG
Geography: AS
History: IG, AS
Mornay Caroto
Art: Foundation, IG, AS

Foreign Languages:

Nikole: German

Genevieve:  French



Judell Stainbank
Rhettford Heatlie
Assistant to principal
Head administrator
Sam Palmer
General Maintenance