May Newsletter 2019


Reports for term 1 were handed out on Wednesday, 17 April 2019.  Please ensure that you have seen it.

Parents’ day

Parents’ day is on Saturday, 4 May 2019 from 11:00 to 13:00.  Please come and meet your child’s teachers and discuss the way forward. 

Ms Revann (Art) will only be available from 12:30.

I’d like to encourage all parents to attend.


Certificates for the Oct/Nov 2018 exam sitting have arrived.  Please ensure that these certificates are kept safely with all other important papers as they are very difficult and costly to replace!

Art Exam

Art exam dates:

IG   9 – 10 May 2019

AS 7, 9, 10 May 2019



Date:             15 May 2019

Time:             8:30 – 13:00

Place:            Sophiatown museum & Heritage centre

Cost:             R160

Business Studies:

Date:           22 May 2019

Time:           9:00 – 13:00

Place:          Caxton

Cost:           R120

  • The indemnity form must be sent back to school.
  • Please be advised that children need to be in full school uniform.
  • A packed lunch will be available for R50.  These need to be booked in advance.

Business/Economics presentation

There will be a presentation by a number of professional business people on 29 May 2019.

Team Building

There will be a teambuilding event for boys only on Monday, 1 July – Tuesday 2 July.

Venue:  School

Time:  12:00, Monday, 1st  July 2019 – 15:00, Tuesday, 2nd July 2019. 

Cost:  R350 This is not for fundraising, but the event’s food and snacks.

Itinerary:  Will be forwarded in due course.


Please be reminded to order and pay for the photographs.

Exam venue

Greenwich has decided not to pursue day classes or conduct examinations.


  • External exams (Oct/Nov) will need to be paid for by 1 August 2019.
  • If, for any reason, we can apply for extra time, we do so.  The forms will need to be completed, by us, in July, with a specialist’s report. 
  • Prelim exam timetable will be in the June newsletter.

April Newsletter 2019

May everyone have a blessed Easter.

School calender (Term 2)

School commences on Tuesday, 9 April 2019.

Cycle Test Programme (Term 2)

12 April    –    Economics

26 April    –    Physics

3  May      –   Maths

10 May    –    Chemistry

17 May    –    Computers

24 May    –    Biology

31 May    –    Accounting/History

7 June     –    Geography


Reports will be handed out on Monday, 15 April 2019, at  the latest.

The first term mark is comprised of cycle tests and class tests plus the mini exam

mark.  Exams will need to be signed so you will be able to see how your child

fared in the exam.

Early leave/ absenteeism

Please inform me or the office, in writing, of your intention to pick your child up early.

We have more than enough parking spaces so park inside  when fetching your child

early so come to the main gate.

If your child is going to be absent please inform the office or me.


  • Parents’ day –  Saturday, 4 May 2019: 11:00 – 13:00
  • Registration for external exams:    1 August 2019
  • Geography excursion: 15 May 2019
  • Economics workshop: May 2019
  • Business excursion: May 2019

School Photos

Official school photographs will be taken Tuesday, 16 April 2019.  Please download the  Status Studio pricelist.

Please order and pay for photos in  advance


Staff news

After seven years of dedicated teaching with us, we bid Mr Derrick a fond farewell.  We wish him well with his retirement. He will be available for extra lessons towards the end of the year for those writing.

We welcome Ms van Coller  to the post.


We are collecting  easter eggs for the Children’s Haven and Floroma.  We still have two weeks after the holidays to collect easter eggs.  We will be  delivering the eggs on Good Friday, 19 April 2019.

Registration for University

Registrations for universities are open  Applications are online.  Please remind your child that we are available should they need help.

NBT training will be starting during the holidays.

If your child has not booked and needs to write, please contact Ms Hamlett 084 949 0958.

March Newsletter 2019

School holidays

School ends on Wednesday, 20 March 2019 and commences on Tuesday, 9 April 2019.

Exam workshop

Please be reminded of the Exam Anxiety & Study Stress Workshop given by Life Upgrade Wednesday, 6 March 2019, dealing with procrastination, stress, anxiety and mindset.

Cost:  R550

The refresher course:  R60

Mini exams

Exam timetable (attached)

The Art exam is not on the timetable.  Separate arrangements will be made.

Please note the following rules:

  • Students need only attend the sessions when they are writing.  They may come to school as normal if there are transport problems.
  • Students need to be at school 30 minutes before the start of the session ie. 08:30 and 11:30.
  • All students must have the required stationery (including their calculator) in a clear plastic bag.  No tippex allowed.  No borrowing allowed.
  • Full school uniform required.  We will send students home if they are not appropriately dressed.


The reports will be handed out on Tuesday, 15 April 2019.  The mark for Term 1 will include cycle tests, class tests and the mini exams.

Exams will need to be signed by you, so you will know how your child fared.


Due to inclement weather we have had to postpone our awards ceremony.

We have now booked it for Thursday, 7 March 2019, 8:00 – 8:30.

The ceremony is informal and parents are welcome to attend.


Please be reminded that textbooks will only be ordered once payment is received.  If your child does not have a textbook, they may ask for copies to be made.  If it is just a page or two, they may also take a photograph and work from that.  There is no excuse for a child to perform badly or not to do homework due to a lack of textbooks.

Registrations for universities

Registrations for universities are open from the beginning of April.  Applications are done online and must be finalised by the end of April.  Should your child be required to write the NBT’s (National Benchmark Tests) they need to book in advance.

The NBT assistance website:

Should your child require preparation for the NBT’s please contact Ms Hamlett.  The cost is R250 p/h.

Be advised that the NBT maths is different and is  taken from all the syllabuses available.

Career guidance

If your child does not know their future career and has no specific goals, now is a good time to invest in career guidance.

Possible option: Prof Zak Nel:  082 680 9235 (sms – you will be contacted).


We’re working on Easter Eggs for the rest of this term.

Our designated charity is Floroma and St Lawrence Children’s Home.  a box, a strip, a single easter eggs will help.  NO EXPENSIVE EGGS.  The class which brings in the most eggs pro rata, will receive a prize.

Thank you to all those who donated blood on our blood drive.

Matric fundraising

Congratulations to the matrics on their ‘cake and candy’ for Valentines Day .

Thank you to everyone who supported the matrics.

February Newsletter 2019

May/June registrations

Registration for the May/June  exams is now closed.  Exam timetables will follow shortly.

Pick up and drop off

We are asking that parents park on the side of the  road around the school and not to park on both sides of the road.    Also, DO NOT BLOCK DRIVEWAYS!


Timetables have now been finalised on draft 3.  We understand that occasionally children will have a clash, depending on the subjects.  We do work around that.

Should you have concerns about a clash, please let me know.


We do have a uniform.  A reminder that we do not accept bottoms that are patterned or multi-coloured.  If you are waiting for a uniform delivery, then your child must wear a plain white shirt or T-shirt.    The bottoms must be plain denim, navy, black, white or grey.  Please check what your child is wearing before sending them to school.

Changing a subject

Should your child  want to change or drop a subject, we must have permission from a parent.

Extra time

If your child is writing the externals at the end of year, please consider applying for extra time.  All that is required is a motivation from a specialist.  Children are disadvantaged by the minimal time that is externally allocated per exam, so it is always worth applying.


Please be reminded that before textbooks are ordered they must be paid for.  We will only photocopy up to the end of February.  After that your child will be disadvantaged without them.


If your child is being registered for externals at the end of the year, we will need a copy of their identity document or a recent photo with the birth certificate.

Blood drive

We are having a blood drive on Monday 25 February 2019.

Your child needs to be 16 years old and over 50kg.

Anyone donating will need a good carbohydrate breakfast.

Valentines Day (14 February 2019)

There will be civvies for that day for matric fundraising.

Cost: R5

There will be cake and candy.

January Newsletter 2019

A very happy New Year to everyone.  Welcome back to another year at Daybridge.

I hope that this year is successful for you and your family.

School commences at 8:00 on Wednesday 16th January 2019.

Please download the Daybridge Timetable 2019 and Cycle test programme

Open Day

All are welcome.  Should you need to finalise uniforms, textbooks or speak to the teachers please come to our open day.

Date:  Thursday, 10 January 2019

Time:  08:00 – 14:00


The AS results will be available on Thursday, 10 January 2019 after 12:30.

The IG results will be available on 17 January, 2019 after 12:30.  Please email a request for results if you or your child are not picking them up.

Please contact me if you need a discussion on the way forward.

A reminder that should you wish Ms Ferreira (073 654 5685) to process your results with SAQA or USAF, to bring all certificates and R300.

May/June exams

Please be reminded that should you wish to register your child for the May/June sitting, payments must be in our bank account, no later than the 30th January 2019.

Prices will follow.

IPC is the only centre willing to run these exams.  If a 2018 matriculant hasn’t performed as well as expected, then please register for these exams.  If your child is entering matric this year and has done well with the AS English in 2018, then it may be a good idea to register for English in order to reduce the number of subjects.  Also it is helpful to have these results in August for pre-admission to University.  However, we will not register a child to rewrite Maths, unless the child was supposed to matriculate in 2018.

Please be reminded that the May/June sitting has a negative impact on the child’s academic year and other subjects tend to be neglected because of pending exams.

It is often preferable to allow the child a full year before rewriting.  The full syllabus is taught by the first week of September and then practise of past papers and more individual attention is given before the year end exams.

Teachers will need to sign off on requests for May/June registration.

Extra lessons

Please encourage your child to request extra lessons as soon as possible for those subjects they struggle with.


If your child does not have a uniform as yet, they may wear a plain white t-shirt until the end of January.  A reminder that plain denim, navy, black, white or grey is acceptable.  No tight shorts, mini skirts or leggings allowed.  If your child is guilty of a uniform infraction they may be sent home or punished in another way.  Please support our endeavours to have appropriate school wear.  Order the jacket as soon as possible, as it may take up to six weeks before the jackets are delivered.


These also need to be ordered as soon as possible.  The teachers will photocopy what they are using in class until the end of February.  Thereafter, every child should have a full set of textbooks

Payment for textbooks and uniform is separate to school fees.  Payments must be made before an order is placed either in cash or via EFT, clearly stating what the payment is for.


We request that all the matriculants of 2018, if they have not done so as yet, to please return their locker keys.  Lockers are available to all students.  A key deposit of R50 is required.

The deposit must be paid to Mrs Swart.  If a key is lost R50 will be required to replace the lock, as duplicate keys cannot be made.

University entrance

We have books informing us of university entrance requirements for the different faculties.

Please encourage your matriculant to research those requirements in advance.  The universities accept 5 X  AS subjects as a first year requirement.

Applications need to be finalised by the end of March.  If your child wants to enter the Engineering Faculty, they will be required to apply and write the board exam by the end of March 2019. (National Benchmark Tests)

Drop-off and pick-up  

Please drop off and pick up at the pedestrian gate on Bristow or on David street.  DO NOT STOP ON THE SERVICE ROAD.  DO NOT BLOCK DRIVEWAYS OR THE ROAD.

Should you wish to park and come into school, please park inside the premises.

Staff news

Due to a change in circumstances, Ms Braxton will not be returning to Daybridge. I will be taking over the English.