Dear Parents,


May/June Registrations

Registrations for May/June external exams are closed.

Those who have registered will receive a provisional timetable that will need to be checked: Full name, date of birth, subjects and level.


A reminder that every child needs the textbooks. They need to be paid for before they are ordered.

Children cannot cope without them.



  • Golf Shirt Royal Blue / White – R350 incl.
  • Cotton Shirt Royal Blue / White – R 280. incl.
  • Black Hoodie – R480. incl.
  • Baseball Ball Jackets – R680 incl.

Ordered uniforms should be delivered by next week.

We have a uniform, and it is compulsory to wear it. New Children need to order by Friday, 22 February 2024.

If you are waiting for the uniform, please send your child to school in PLAIN denim, navy, white, black or grey.

No beanies/hats allowed inside the school. Children will be sent home if inappropriately attired.


In order to register students for external exams, we need a copy of their ID, birth certificate with photo, or a passport.

If your child has not written external exams through the school as yet, please email a copy to the school as soon as possible.

If your child needs extra time, we need a report from a psychologist. Please let us know.

Early Leave/Late Arrival

Should you need to fetch your child early or if your child is going to be late, please inform me or the office.

Also, park inside.

No child is allowed to leave the school premises early without permission from you.

Pick up (Afternoons)

DO NOT double park on Bristow Road. Cars need to be parked on the school’s side of the road ONLY.

DO NOT block driveways.

A neighbour complained and the police arrived to investigate. For now, please drop off and pick up on the premises.


Most of the clashes have been sorted out.

New Enrolment Forms

The GDE has requested that enrolment forms cover information that they require.

Note that a copy of your ID and proof of residence is required.

You will be emailed if there are any outstanding documents.

Art excursion

There will be an art excursion to Alice’s art gallery.

Details to follow.

Kind Regards 

Sue Parry


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