Newsletter – February 2021

Dear Parents


May/June Registrations
Registrations for May/June external exams are closed.
Those who have registered will receive a provisional timetable that will need to be checked: Full name, date of birth, subjects and level.

We have a new supplier for the uniform.

Cost:     Shirt = R370.00 incl.
                Jacket = R570.00 incl.

Ordered uniforms should be delivered by next week.
We have a uniform and it is compulsory to wear it. Should you need to order please do so as soon as possible.
If you are waiting for the uniform, please send your child to school in PLAIN denim, navy, white, black or grey.
No beanies/hats.

In order to register students for external exams, we need a copy of their ID, birth certificate with photo, or a passport.
If your child has not written external exams through the school, as yet, please email a copy to the school.

Early Leave/Late Arrival
Should you need to fetch your child early or if your child is going to be late, please inform me or the office.
Also, park inside.
No child is allowed to leave the school premises early without permission from you.

Pick up (Afternoons)
DO NOT double park on Bristow road. Cars need to be parked on the school’s side of the road ONLY.
DO NOT block driveways.

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Kind Regards
Sue Parry

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Newsletter – January 2021

January 2021


We wish all our parents, staff and children a prosperous and healthy 2021.

School times
School will commence on Tuesday, 19 January 2021 at 8:00am.

Results for external exams are available as follows:

AS results – Monday, 11 January 2021 at 12:00
IG results – Tuesday, 19 January 2021 at 12:00

Note: Admin staff and the bursar will be available from 8:30am on Monday, 11 January 2021  for ordering of textbooks and uniform or sorting out your account. There is a teacher/staff meeting from 8:30am to 10:00am. Should you wish to speak to any of the teachers, they will be available after 10:00am.

Registration for May/June exam sitting
Registration for externals in May/June 2021, have to be finalised by Friday, 29 January 2021.
Forms and fee structure will be forwarded to you in due course. I would like to caution against writing in May/June 2021 if your child receives an ungraded (below 40%) in the October/November 2020 sitting. We have very little time to prepare the child. They would finish around mid-June when we have prelims, which are vital for the development of skills. There are only two months of school left after prelims in real terms.

We receive results in mid-August. That leaves even less time if the child needs to rewrite and months of teaching time has been lost.

The format of the English AS exam has changed for 2021. It will be a real challenge to prepare a child for a rewrite in May.

Please discuss a realistic way forward with me if your child did not fare well in the 2020 sitting. It was a very difficult year.

We will take every precaution to ensure that staff and children are safe. However, we expect parents to inform the school immediately if you or your child has been exposed.

Should a teacher become infected or need to isolate for the required time period, we will either set up online classes in the classroom (depending on the teacher is ill) or work will be given and supervised during that time. We are fully prepared for any disruptions that may occur this year. We will make every effort to catch your child up with work should any child become infected or need to isolate.

If your child does not have a uniform when school starts, they need to wear a plain white T-shirt/shirt. Bottoms need to be plain denim, navy, black, grey or white.

We have changed our uniform supplier. Prices have increased, however, the overall quality has improved significantly.

Textbooks are vital for your child’s education. Please be reminded that it may take up to six weeks for delivery. Please order textbooks as soon as possible. NOTE: ORDERS WILL NOT BE PLACED FOR UNIFORMS OR TEXTBOOKS UNTIL PAYMENT HAS BEEN MADE

Congratulations and welcome to Ms. Samantha Julius who will be running our tuckshop this year.

Staff news
We have rearranged teacher allocations as Ms. Grobler will no longer be joining us. We welcome Ms. King to our school. She will be teaching foundation science.

Lab coats and locker keys
Please ensure that borrowed lab coats are returned to the school. If your child is matriculating or leaving, please ensure that they return their locker key.

Kind Regards
Sue Parry
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Newsletter – November 2020


This is the last newsletter of the year. We wish all our parents and students a good rest and unfailing health over the December and Christmas period.

School Terms

School and the office will be closed from Tuesday 1 December 2020.


Please find the following attachments:
Ø  School Calendar 2021
Ø  Calendar of important dates 2021
Ø  Textbook lists 2021
Ø  Stationery lists 2021
Ø  School Fee Structures 2021 (No increase in fees for 2021)

Timetable for 2021 to follow.

Results for 2020

Internal reports will be emailed to you no later than Friday, 27 November 2020.

External results:
AS – Monday, 11 January 2021, from 12:00
IG – Tuesday, 19 January 2021, from 12:00   

If your child does not fare as well in the final exams as expected, please be reminded that we lost almost half the academic year.

Development of learning and exam skills could not happen during lockdown as testing and meaningful feedback could not take place. Our poor prelim results, across the board, proved that we were able to teach subject matter only.

I believe that lockdown affected many children negatively both psychologically and academically. We have tried our best to prepare your children in the limited time we had. I applaud the teachers for their dedication and time during this difficult period.

Please rather discuss a way forward, with me, Ms. Visser or Ms. Hamlett,  if your child does not pass a subject/subjects in the external exams.

Textbooks and Uniforms

Please place orders for textbooks and uniforms in November. As you know, there are shortages of textbooks in January/February. We have a new supplier for the uniforms with better material. There may be a price change. However, as always, we are trying to keep the costs of textbooks and uniforms to a minimum.

Matric Farewell

Cost: R500 p/p – partners welcome

Date: Thursday, 26 November 2020

Place: 69 Drift Boulevard, Muldersdrift, Misty Hills Hotel, Carnivore (Restaurant)

Times: 17:00 for 18:00

Money needs to be paid via EFT/cash or card by  Wednesday 4 November 2020 latest.


We have professional photographs available with the following packages:

Ø R250 p/p (includes 3 x Jumbo, 1 x Large photographs)
Ø  R50 for additional photos
Ø  Special rate for orders over 5 or 10 photographs.

NOTE: Students who are not returning to school in 2021 must please return their locker key and laboratory coats before their last day at school if applicable.


We are looking for someone to run our tuckshop next year. There is no rental or electricity/water payable. The tuckshop runs independently of the school.

Staff News

We say a fond farewell to Mam Revanne (Art Teacher). We wish her all the best for her retirement. We would like to thank her for her 8 years of service to Daybridge. She will be missed. We welcome Ms. Mornay Caroto to her post.

Ms. Riki-Lee Demetriou (Biology Teacher) has given Daybridge 3 years of excellent service. We will miss her and wish her and her husband, all the best for their future plans. Ms. Rosa-Lee Grobler will be filling her post.

Ms. Donna Lira (School Secretary) has resigned for health reasons. Mr. Rhettford Heatlie will be taking over her duties. Ms. Judell Stainbank will be manning the reception.

Ms. Genevieve will be teaching French next year.

Please click on the link below to give a reference. We would really appreciate it. Alternatively you could post a reference on our website.

Kind Regards
Sue Parry

Visit us
445 Ontdekkers Service Road, Florida Park, Roodepoort, 1724
Tel: 011 672-1036 | Cell: 083 947 7581

2021 Textbooks
2021 Stationery
2021 School fees
2021 School calendar
2021 Calendar of important dates

Newsletter – October 2020

Dear Parents

Welcome back to term 4.

External exams

  • Please be reminded of the following:
  • Learners need to be at the venue 45 minutes prior to the start of the examination (Covid screening)
  • Those writing art: coursework needs to be handed in by 15 October 2020 and not the 26 October 2020 as originally given.
  • Learners to be in school uniform.
  • Stationery needs to be in a clear plastic bag / folder etc. Remember a calculator for relevant subjects.
  • No tippex allowed.
  • Learners need to have their statement of entry, ID / Passport / copy of Birth certificate for every exam session.
  • Check the composite timetable if learners were given extra time or there was a clash.
  • Check which group for labs.
  • Please contact the office if your child needs transport to and from the venue. R60-00 a trip
  • Organise in advance.

Your child must attend school until the last exam is written.
When your child tells you that they are studying at home, skills are not being developed. Children need to be doing past papers, handing them in and getting feedback.
The mark schemes are only a basic outline and do not reflect how learners are marked.
Using the mark scheme can inflate marks by up to 40%. Please insist that your child has papers marked by teachers.
Please be reminded that 2020 has been an extremely difficult academic year. We are doing everything possible to prepare your children for externals.

Internal exams
Please see attached timetable.
If your child is writing three or more externals, they do not need to write the internals.
If your child wants to progress from IG maths core to IG extended, they need to write the internal core paper.

Should you have any queries, do not hesitate to call me.



Please note the following times for external exams:
IG Afrikaans (Listening)
8 October 2020                  14:15 – 15:00       

IG Physics (Multiple Choice)
16 November 2020           14:15 – 15:00

Newsletter – September 2020

Dear Parents                                                                                                


School Calendar
School will be closed from Tuesday, 22 September 2020 and will commence on Wednesday, 30 September 2020.

Reports for term 3 will be handed out / emailed by Monday, 21 September 2020.

School Uniform
The weather has improved so we are going back to the uniform from Monday, 7 September 2020. This should be enough time to make sure that the uniform is sorted.

We are continuing with the lockdown timetable. The teachers are able to teach an entire past paper in this time. Also, teachers are more available for extra lessons. Please encourage your child to book extra lessons.

External exams

Please note:
Clashes will be sorted before the final exams. If there are two papers in the AM session, children will write both, usually 8:30 – 12:30.
Uniform is compulsory when writing the external exams.

Times for sessions
AM   9:00 – 11:00 / 11:30
PM    13:00 – 15:00 / 15:30

Starting times are static unless your child has a clash.

Should you require transport to the venue, please let the office know. There will be a cost involved.

Sue Parry

Newsletter – August 2020 – Update

Dear Parents                                                                                               7 August 2020


Please note we will be closed on Monday 10 August 2020 for the public holiday.

School calendar
School will be closed from Tuesday 22 September 2020 and will reopen on Wednesday 30 September 2020.

Lockdown Timetable
Time allocations for the lockdown timetable sessions have been revised and will take effect from Tuesday 11 August 2020.

  • Session 1: 08:00am – 10:00am
  • Session 2: 10:15am – 12:15pm
  • Session 3: 12:30pm – 14:30pm

Please find the revised timetable attached in the newsletter email. 

Kind regards
Sue Parry

Newsletter – August 2020

Dear Parents                                                                                                

As of next week, we will no longer be teaching online.

Work will still be posted on google classroom and teachers will still be available for help and direction. However, in order to teach skills and develop your child, he / she has to attend school.

Please note:

  • Your child is screened, hands are sanitised, and temperature tested before attending class and before leaving school.
  • Every surface area is sanitised after every lesson.
  • The entire building is sprayed and fully sanitised at the end of every day.
  • Your child is safer at school than at the shops.
  • We have not had a single reported case of Covid since opening at the beginning of June.
  • Your children have indicated that they want to return to school.
  • Many parents have also returned to work and children are not being monitored at home.

If transport is a problem:
School will be open from 7:00 to 16:00 daily.

Sue Parry

Newsletter – July / August 2020

Dear Parents                                                                                                


School Term
School will commence on Tuesday, 28 July 2020. Lockdown timetable will continue until further notice.

Prelim exams
Exam scripts will need to be fetched in hard copy. Either your child needs to attend school to fetch the exams or someone will need to fetch them daily according to the timetable. The teachers are not all in every day.

These exams need to be checked and signed by you.

Reports will be sent to your email address on Friday, 24 July 2020. If you do not receive the report – let me know or email

You will note that term 2 has a Not Applicable (N/A) as we were not able to give an accurate reflection of your child’s marks.

Oct / Nov external exams
There has been no indication from the examination board that exams will not continue. They have already accepted registrations. Invoices for exams have been sent out based on your child’s subjects. This invoice is not an indication that we are recommending that your child writes all his / her subjects.

Payment for these exams needs to be in the school’s bank account by no later than Monday, 3 August 2020.

Although some children have been diligent about attending online classes and handing in work, some children have not.

If your child did not pass prelims, it may be advisable to wait for the May / June sitting in 2021 or alternatively, to repeat the year. Some parents have already written off the 2020 academic year.

We understand that this option is not ideal. However, under the current circumstances it may be more realistic to postpone exams.

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