Adam Gipson: Graduated from The Open Window with a Bachelor’s degree in 3D animation and a focus skill in Stop Motion. Adam is currently working as Animator and Designer for 3D Adwise. His current project involves working with holograms 

Aimee Stoltz: Dux learner 2018, studying Mechanical Engineering at University of Witwatersrand

Clare Boswell: Completed her Hons BSc Biochemistry at University of Pretoria in 2018 and is a member of the Golden Key International Honour Society – the world’s largest collegiate honour society.   

“My project was to determine the binding affinity of a Listeria monocytogenes protein, Internalin and murine N-cadherin.”

Clare is currently pursuing Masters Biochemistry at University of Pretoria.

Jaedon Heger: Dux learner 2017, is currently in his second year of studying Multimedia at University of Pretoria after he received the Vice Chancellor’s award for being in the top 40 out of 9000 first years accepted in 2018. Last year he achieved distinctions in 10 modules out of 16. Jaedon has been invited to join the Golden Key International Honour Society.

Karla Strydom graduated BA in Creative Brand Communication, with distinction, from Vega School.

In August 2019 Karla started a six month course, studying Transmedia Design at Fontys Academy for the Creative Industries in Tilburg, The Netherlands.

Kaylee De Winnaar graduated from Monash with Bachelors BusSci ( majoring in management and marketing) with distinction(cum laude).

Kaylee then continued her studies at Monash and graduated Magna Cum Laude in her Honours studies, which focused on Strategic Management. She has written an article about her thesis and has co-authored a paper on tax – outlining how SARS could use a loyalty programme for tax payers; both have been published.

Currently Kaylee is working at Monash while studying toward her SAP Qualification. She wishes to pursue her Masters in the near future.

Luke Heger is studying medicine at University of Pretoria and has been asked to join the Golden Key Honour Society.


Meredith Green: Completed her LLB degree in 2018 at University of the Free State. 

Meredith also made it to the GradStar Awards – a programme that recognises the Top 100 university students across South Africa.


Netania (left) and Ivanna (right) Pelser are studying Medicine at University of Pretoria.

Schani Lee Potgieter studied at Fitpro and has a National Certificate in Fitness. She currently works at Fitpro doing sports conditioning.

Schani is an entrepreneur with 2 of her own businesses: Learning Link Tutoring (providing tutoring for students in the comfort of their home) and Body Linked Fitness (personal training including sports conditioning, general fitness and weight loss. She also works with equestrian athlestes in order to improve and strengthen their riding postures).

Schani wises to pursue Bio Kinetics in 2020. 

Sven is studying Animation for Film at the Animation School. Sven has obtained distinctions for 3D and 2D animation and a 72% for a third subject. 

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