Newsletter – August 2021

Dear Parents

Welcome back to term 3.

Registrations for external exams

Registration for externals is closed. Should you still want to register your child, penalties will apply.

Statements of entry

Once registrations are finalised, the statements of entry will be available by mid-August at the latest. The following needs to be checked:

·         Full name, ID number and date of birth are correct.

·         Exams and levels are what was applied for.

We have two days to ensure that all details are correct from when we receive them.

May/June results

The results for the May/June exams should be released around 10 August 2021.

Cycle test programme Term 3

See attached.

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The weather has improved – all children need to be wearing the jacket, at least, with layers underneath.

If the maximum temperature is 16 degrees or less, your child just needs to be warm and we’ll accept other warmer jackets.


The tuckshop is currently closed. In the meantime, a parent has stepped in and offered to make food.

The children need to order a day in advance. Cash on delivery.

Menu attached.

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Career day

Marketers will drop off material for the children to look at. However, regardless of precautions, we did not want to have too many outsiders on school premises therefore there is no career day this year.

Kind Regards

Sue Parry