Newsletter – October 2020

Dear Parents

Welcome back to term 4.

External exams

  • Please be reminded of the following:
  • Learners need to be at the venue 45 minutes prior to the start of the examination (Covid screening)
  • Those writing art: coursework needs to be handed in by 15 October 2020 and not the 26 October 2020 as originally given.
  • Learners to be in school uniform.
  • Stationery needs to be in a clear plastic bag / folder etc. Remember a calculator for relevant subjects.
  • No tippex allowed.
  • Learners need to have their statement of entry, ID / Passport / copy of Birth certificate for every exam session.
  • Check the composite timetable if learners were given extra time or there was a clash.
  • Check which group for labs.
  • Please contact the office if your child needs transport to and from the venue. R60-00 a trip
  • Organise in advance.

Your child must attend school until the last exam is written.
When your child tells you that they are studying at home, skills are not being developed. Children need to be doing past papers, handing them in and getting feedback.
The mark schemes are only a basic outline and do not reflect how learners are marked.
Using the mark scheme can inflate marks by up to 40%. Please insist that your child has papers marked by teachers.
Please be reminded that 2020 has been an extremely difficult academic year. We are doing everything possible to prepare your children for externals.

Internal exams
Please see attached timetable.
If your child is writing three or more externals, they do not need to write the internals.
If your child wants to progress from IG maths core to IG extended, they need to write the internal core paper.

Should you have any queries, do not hesitate to call me.



Please note the following times for external exams:
IG Afrikaans (Listening)
8 October 2020                  14:15 – 15:00       

IG Physics (Multiple Choice)
16 November 2020           14:15 – 15:00