Newsletter – July / August 2020

Dear Parents                                                                                                


School Term
School will commence on Tuesday, 28 July 2020. Lockdown timetable will continue until further notice.

Prelim exams
Exam scripts will need to be fetched in hard copy. Either your child needs to attend school to fetch the exams or someone will need to fetch them daily according to the timetable. The teachers are not all in every day.

These exams need to be checked and signed by you.

Reports will be sent to your email address on Friday, 24 July 2020. If you do not receive the report – let me know or email

You will note that term 2 has a Not Applicable (N/A) as we were not able to give an accurate reflection of your child’s marks.

Oct / Nov external exams
There has been no indication from the examination board that exams will not continue. They have already accepted registrations. Invoices for exams have been sent out based on your child’s subjects. This invoice is not an indication that we are recommending that your child writes all his / her subjects.

Payment for these exams needs to be in the school’s bank account by no later than Monday, 3 August 2020.

Although some children have been diligent about attending online classes and handing in work, some children have not.

If your child did not pass prelims, it may be advisable to wait for the May / June sitting in 2021 or alternatively, to repeat the year. Some parents have already written off the 2020 academic year.

We understand that this option is not ideal. However, under the current circumstances it may be more realistic to postpone exams.

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