Rules and regulations for returning to school


All children will receive induction on the new rules and protocol during 1st period on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.
We will continue with the lockdown timetable from June, 1st at school, until further notice.
If a child has a free period throughout the day, they will be allocated to a substitute class.
It is not compulsory for students to wear school uniform – dress warmly.
As per government regulation – should you choose not to send your child to school, lessons will be recorded, and work will still be posted in Google Classroom.
Staff and children on the premise will be kept to the minimal each day to ensure distancing and sanitising is adhered to.

Strict measures all children and parents must adhere to:

On arrival
Only the Bristow street entrance will be open and no entry from Ontdekkers Road will be permitted. Children must arrive no more than 30 min prior to their first class and collected within 30 min of their last lesson outside the main gate.
Children arriving prior to the allocated time must wait in the car until the required time.
No access will be permitted to children prior or after the specified time.
Children must maintain the 1,5m distancing whilst queuing for the access procedure every day.  
All children will be met at the allocated area where staff will be on duty for registration and testing requirements.
We request parents to wait in their car to ensure their child is allowed onto the property.
Children must be wearing the correct masks (No scarves or alternative form of face coverings will be allowed).
All children’s hands will be sanitized and everyone’s temperature will be taken. (if above 37.5 no entry will be permitted).
Masks must be worn throughout the day. Any child not adhering to this rule will be sent home.

Sanitising and thorough hand washing is essential throughout the day.


There will be a designated break area.
Masks must still be worn during break.
No sport activities will be allowed.
No sharing of cups, drink bottles or food etc. will be permitted. 
All children must bring their own bottle of water (As access to reception will be limited).
Microwave and kitchen access is not permitted.
Teachers will be on duty during breaks to ensure social distancing is enforced at all times.
Children must wash & sanitise their hands thoroughly before and after break.

School Access
No parents or visitors will be allowed on the school premise without an appointment.
Which will only be approved if extremely necessary as most queries can be sorted by telephone or via a video call.
Children are discouraged to use any form of public transport.
No takeaway food orders will be permitted.
No late comers will be allowed, as this puts additional pressure on the access staff and teaching time is disrupted.
Do not send your child to school if feeling unwell. No sick children will be permitted into the school.
Any child with a temperature or not feeling well, will be isolated and must be collected within 30 minutes.
(Please ensure there is someone one available throughout the day to ensure the 30min collection time)

End of School Day
Please collect your child on time at the allocated collection area. No persons will be allowed onto the school premise.

School Year
Parents must ensure all assignments & homework is completed and submitted by the due date as set by the teacher.
Prelims will take place from June, 29th to July, 11th.

Checklists & Indemnity
Checklists & Indemnity forms to follow. Please read and print the attached checklists and procedures. Please complete checklists with all the necessary requirements and sign where necessary. Only original handwritten forms will be accepted. (No photocopies, emailed or scanned forms will be accepted).

We are committed to the wellbeing of all our children and staff.
In order to provide the best education, we can, under unique and challenging circumstances, we value each person’s commitment to do their part for the safety of all.

Please note all rules are in place to ensure the safety of the children, teachers, staff and all the families.

We understand this is a stressful time for all parents and children.